Quanalog instruments is a modular synth company created by Nguyen Do Minh Quan, a Vietnamese electronic music producer, now based in Montreal, Canada.

The project start from 4/2018 and now Quanalog Instrument are ready to introduce our first system, an analog series with 5 eurorack modules from synths to drums in a small size and giving true analog power with classic quality in a modern design.

The goal point of the project is to design electronic instrument that fit the needs of music production and performance in a effective way focusing on making the best sound quality/possibility of each product. How to make Quanalog modules into something that can be a necessary for every electronic setups.

We working very hard to make sure our product is giving top built quality with all stable screwed potentiometer, switch and jack, our design is made using the best component that we could find that is the way we can show our respect for musicians who trust our instruments.