The kick drum is the combination of 2 part, bottom sound and click sound made by feedback circuit with control over frequency and mix volume to create a perfect bass drum. The core sound of the drums come from pure sine wave generate by analog filter being excited to a resonance point giving a thick and powerful sound

All parameter being affect by 3 compression mode define 3 difference of taste and level that can be useful in difference situation such as studio, live performance…The sound from the kick voice can be from very soft and gentle, punchy energetic to very hash and overdrive that can drive the dance floor to a crazy point! 

The overdrive knob control the amount of signal that feed in. Start with a low input signal, sound familiar to 808 bass drum and can be more overdrive so its become more 909 or Vermona kicks and can be crank up until it self resonate and can be use as a sine oscillator for generating bass sound.

The Frequency and decay are related, the higher the freq the more decay. The frequency knob being put in the middle with clear space so can tune precisely from low kick drum to high tom sound.

The click tone and blend control are for feedback circuit that can choose the frequency for click sound from high click to low mid boost which can be crank up til distort point.

The Lo and Hi tom voice share the same core engine as kick voice with cv control for resonance point which affect the drum pitch. Can use voltage signal from other modules such as sequencer, envelope, lfo… to variable the pitch to create multiple and polyrhythm feels. 

The Lo Tom can be variable from low frequency kick drums to hi tom/ bongo…using the combination of frequency and resonance control. Same with Hi tom can be able to be come very high pitch can be use as rimshot.

The dual tom having a retrig knobs which control the volume of the retrigger drum when gates are off. Depend on the gate length you have it creating a flam, roll or natural flap sound that make “hand play” feeling. If you had a sequencer with trigger that has difference gate length for each step the result is something very lively and humanize.

The Snare voice is an analog white noise going thru decay vca then trigger a band pass filter can has control for frequency and resonance. Turning “RES” of made it into a thin spring snare sound. By blending the Resonance amount and frequency it start to define the body tone of the snare. Can be variable from a hi tom til hand clap or 2nd hi hats. 

The trig in jack of the Lo and Hi tom are pre link to the trigger of the snare, so if plugs only the Snare trigger the Dual tom become 2 more body section of the snare help creating a very thick realistic bottom snare sound with rimshot can be create by the hi tom section. By plugging the trig to the tom sound separated the trigger from the snare trigger input.

The Resonace and Decay of the snare is cv controllable, with the addition of the cv tune of Dual tom can create a very nice variable for each step so the sound is not just simply repeated the same sound over time.

The Hats engine contain a bandpass filter resonance at high frequency til midrange that can control w Freq knobs to make from thin til thick hash sound.

It also have a mixer section that be able to feed in another sound source from ext vco or anything can be mix with the noise part. When the noise volume turn off this section act as a decay vca for other sound module. By this design the module don’t stick with fix vco tune like the other but allow you to be creative on the timbre of the hats to make very fine cymbal sound with precision pitch from other 1v/oct modules. 

All 5 voice are processing the signal that being feed in, so if the gate signal being process thru vca circuit can create a multi level accent. Each module can processing gate signal to become drum sound or processing each other as well as sound from another module. The only limits is our imagination!

With 5 analog drum engines you can create a very good rhythmic part of your setup. To be pair with any drum trigger it become a very powerful drum machine that can be useful both for live and studio environments.